10 Tips to Grow Your Brand’s LinkedIn Page

10 Tips to Grow Your Brand’s LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn isn’t just for job hunting and hiring. 

The platform is often overlooked for its social power in favour of more commonly considered options such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Yet with 310 million monthly active users, it offers a huge opportunity for brands to establish themselves as industry leaders. 

Scratch the surface of LinkedIn and you will find countless tools and tactics that will help you reach those who matter to your business in a compelling way. Many of which can be applied directly through your company’s page. 

In this article, we explore 10 of the best ways to help grow your brand’s LinkedIn Page. 

Have a Strategy 

Like everything in business, having a clear strategy in place will help you focus on achieving what matters most. So, it makes sense that you would develop a specific strategy to help you grow your brand’s LinkedIn page. 

Your strategy doesn’t have to be complex but should include a few key elements, such as: 

  • What you are trying to achieve (your goals)?
  • What do you plan on doing to achieve your goals?
  • What resources will you need to complete your plan?
  • When do you aim to achieve your goals?

Your strategy will help inform every decision you make when it comes to growing your brand on LinkedIn. 

Complete Your Profile

Many of the tips we offer you in this guide will help you bring potentially interested LinkedIn users to your company page. Of course, this is only really beneficial if once they are on your page they find all the information and value they are looking for and give you a follow. 

This is why it is so important to ensure that your profile is complete before putting effort into attracting people to your page. Doing this includes adding everything from your latest logo and header image to filling out key company information such as your locations and contact information. 

A complete profile will also make you look more professional. 

Post Regularly 

Regularly posting high-quality content is by far one of the best ways to engage and grow your audience. It is also a smart way to ensure that your brand remains near the top of your audience’s LinkedIn feeds, making it more likely that you are top-of-mind and making it easier for them to join in the conversations you start. 

LinkedIn allows you to post several different types of content on your LinkedIn page such as images, videos, written posts, polls and articles (more on these later in this guide). By posting a mix of content types you will help keep things interesting.

Here are a few ideas on things you could post on your brand’s LinkedIn page: 

  • Company updates 
  • Industry news 
  • Thought leadership pieces
  • Polls on key industry topics
  • Customer successes 
  • Insight into your company culture

Although different industries typically are more or less accepting of casual tones, ensuring that your company comes across as human on your LinkedIn page will make you more relatable. 

Engage Your Team 

If you run a company with multiple employees, the likelihood is that at least some of these will have an active presence on LinkedIn. In fact, it is estimated that the average LinkedIn user has 500-999 connections. This makes them a valuable asset in reaching the people who matter most to your business. 

Encourage your employees to engage and share the content you post on your LinkedIn page. 

You may even offer your employees special training on LinkedIn to ensure that they are properly representing your business. This can also help them grow their own following and their engagement with that following which will further benefit your business.  

Boost Key Content 

Just like on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, you can pay to boost posts on LinkedIn in order to help get them in front of more of the people who matter the most. 

However, boosting every post is likely a considerable waste of money. Instead, keep track of which of your posts are performing best, such as those that attract high-value customers to comment or those that are shared far and wide. These posts can be considered high performing and would benefit from boosted reach. 

Engage in Industry Conversations 

As LinkedIn is a business-focused social media platform, it is no surprise that it can be a great place to find and join industry conversations. When you join these conversations you can start to build a reputation as a brand that is both knowledgable about your niche and engaged with others within it – earning you page followers in the process. 

You don’t need to look far for conversations that are worth joining. Here are a few places you can look: 

  • Industry leaders
  • Other company pages 
  • Relevant LinkedIn groups 
  • Searching relevant industry hashtags 

When joining these conversations stay away from meaningless comments just to get your brand name on there. Instead, focus on delivering value or expanding on some of the points that have already been made. 

Publish High-Value Articles 

We mentioned earlier that LinkedIn allows you to publish articles on their platform. This allows you to take your content beyond the 1300-character limit of a normal LinkedIn post and also allows you to add more context by including multiple images or videos to the post. 

This is a great way to make your brand more findable on LinkedIn as well as offer you an opportunity to further establish yourself as a thought-leader who can bring substantial value to your specialist topics. 

Although there are plenty of ways to help grow your LinkedIn page from within Linkedin, it is also important to think outside of the box. This means including links to your page in various different locations such as: 

  • Company marketing emails 
  • Employee email signatures
  • On your website 
  • On your other social media platforms 

Invite Connections

One quick and easy way to grow your LinkedIn page is to directly invite your own connections. 

Luckily, there is no need to do this manually as LinkedIn offers a tool for doing it. Just go to your company page and under the ‘grow your followers’ section on the left-hand side select ‘invite connections’ where you can invite up to 250 of your connections to follow your page.  

Join Groups

Joining relevant industry groups as your company is another great way to gain more visibility. Once you have joined you can both join in the conversations that people are having in those groups as well as starting your own. 

Growth on LinkedIn: Summary 

It is clear that growing your brand page on LinkedIn is a worthwhile pursuit. Use the tips we have outlined in this guide to help you quickly find and reach those who mean the most to your business. 

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