5 Video Tips For SME’s

5 Video Tips For SME’s

When it comes to running a small business, resources such as video marketing can often seem out of reach and costly, particularly if it is not a familiar territory for you to explore. The importance of utilising video within a business over the last two years has become crucial to the success of building brand awareness and product promotion – over 82% of businesses feel video marketing is an important part of their strategy in today’s landscape. Not only that, but video can also lead directly to sales. Studies show that 74% of users who watched an explainer-video about a product subsequently bought it.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled our top 5 video hacks for all you small businesses looking to integrate video into your marketing strategy, without the need to break the bank in the process!

Pop up a video on your website – you’re 53 times more likely to show up first on Google if you have a video embedded on your website. Since Google now owns YouTube, there has been a significant increase in how much videos affect your search engine rank.

Make sure your video is mobile responsive. 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile and since 2013, mobile video views have grown more than 233%. YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year. Since people like to watch videos on the go, and the number of smartphone users is growing, it’s worth making this small edit to ensure you keep your audience interested!

Are you launching a new product or a service? Create a video to show how it works. 98% of users say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. That is why 45% of businesses who use video marketing said that they have an explainer video on their homepage. Of those businesses, 83% said that their homepage explainer video was effective.

Call to actions or “CTA”’s are essential if you are promoting products. It’s as easy as putting the relevant short website URL e.g. “Visit www….com” or “Shop Now” – giving users the ease of access of where to go is vital.

Consider your audience. Are they going to be watching your videos on their commute home? If people aren’t playing sound aloud in public areas then having text on video for advertising across social media is a must. People will often look at their phones without playing sound aloud.

So there we have it! What are some of your top tips when creating video content?

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