The Brief:

We coordinated a successful collaboration between Alipay, a leading digital payment platform, and two prominent influencers, Niko Omilana and Liv Cooke, in an effort to accumulate views and engagement.The primary objectives of the campaign were to gain as many views as possible of the Patrik Schick goal scored during the Czech Republic vs. Scotland football match. The campaign also aimed to promote WorldFirst, a global currency exchange and international payment provider. By strategically selecting influencers and empowering them to recreate the goal in their unique styles while mentioning WorldFirst, the campaign sought to maximize its reach and engagement.

To execute this campaign effectively, we chose two influencers, Niko, a London-based influencer, who possesses a strong affinity for sports, particularly football. With over 1.5 million Instagram followers and an impressive average engagement rate of 22%, Niko has established himself as a significant social personality. Furthermore, he is a content creator on YouTube and a member of the BETA Squad collective. His diverse presence and influence made him a natural fit for this sports-focused campaign.

We also included Liv Cooke, the Freestyle Football World Champion and a 5-time World Record Holder. With a following of 4 million on TikTok, Liv Cooke’s focus on football-related content and her expertise in freestyle football made her an ideal choice to recreate the goal scored by Patrik Schick.


Several factors contributed to the success of the Alipay influencer campaign:

  • Influencer Selection: Careful consideration of influencers whose interests and expertise align with the campaign’s goals was essential.
  • Engaging Content: The influencers’ ability to recreate the goal in their unique styles made the content more appealing to their followers.
  • Social Media Reach: The influencers’ substantial followings on platforms like Instagram and TikTok were vital in expanding the campaign’s reach.
  • Effective Messaging: The incorporation of WorldFirst into the content seamlessly integrated the campaign’s objectives with the influencer’s narrative.
  • Cross-Platform Promotion: Utilising multiple social media platforms enhanced the campaign’s visibility and engagement.


The Alipay influencer campaign, featuring Niko and Liv Cooke, was a resounding success in achieving its objectives of accumulating views and engagements for the Schick goal during the Czech Republic vs. Scotland football match.

The campaign had over 750,000 impressions and over 130,000 engagements. The campaign’s impressive results underscore the power of influencer marketing when executed with strategic precision.

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