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Launching of Instagram Live Rooms

What Are Instagram Live Rooms? Instagram has recently announced Instagram Live Rooms — a new way to go Live on Instagram with up to 3 other guests.  With the introduction of Instagram Live Rooms, brands and content creators can reach new people, drive sales, and create a community feel in real-time. According to Instagram, Live…


Let’s talk about Clubhouse

Here’s what we know about Clubhouse, the audio-only, invite-only social media app that’s causing a stir amongst the social media giants. There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of the new app on the market – Clubhouse. Although, the chances are that you have not been able to sign up for it yet. So let’s…

Social Media Audit

How to complete a social media audit

Social media can often feel like a huge guessing game. Not knowing what kind of content to post or how much of an impact your efforts are having can be frustrating.

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