The Brief:

Javabean are a Norfolk based coffee company who offer a vast range of hand-selected speciality gourmet coffee beans from all over the world as well as brewing equipment, coffee starter kits and expert brewing guides.

As a new start up brand we were given full creative freedom to create their brand identity. When putting together a logo for Javabean, we thought it would be important to try and portray the fact that the coffee beans they offer are organically sourced from all over the world. With this in mind we came up with the idea of having a globe, but swapping Earth for a coffee bean which perfectly symbolises the Javabean brand.

As all of the products have their own unique flavour and are sourced from all different areas of the world, it made sense to have continuity with the packaging, but also have a twist to make each product stand out. We opted to utilise the maps of each coffee bean’s origin alongside a vibrant colour scheme to fit in with the target market of 20-30 year olds and keep the packaging variable, fun and diverse. The 14 different product ranges and packaging also provides the opportunity to further split each product into sub-brands further down the line as the product range grows and the story behind each one develops.

All-in-all, we have been able to help Javabean create a modern day solution for a modern product, celebrating the diversity of flavour and origin of coffee whilst fueling the imagination of today’s coffee lovers!

The Results:

Each campaign is strategically put together to showcase the menu, offers, availability and even special events whilst ensuring a strong call to action for booking or making a reservation. We also ensure there’s consistency with the design and frequency of emails being sent, to maintain the high customer conversion rate and positive reviews for the restaurant.

With a selection of weekly shows, as well as one-off performances, it is vital to utilise email marketing campaigns to boost ticket sales and customer satisfaction. Together, we ensure that there are weekly newsletters that showcase the upcoming events with strong booking and enquiry CTAs. We also send out relevant single-event booking opportunities to the mailing list based on the interest segmentation that has been created, which often results in most events selling out!

With a selection of bars that show every major sporting event you can imagine, including a partnership with NFL that includes various attendance incentives, The Hippodrome Casino London has fast become the go-to place for all live events.

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