LinkedIn Adds New Link Sticker Option for Updates

LinkedIn Adds New Link Sticker Option for Updates

With 830 million members, LinkedIn is by far the leading social media platform for professionals and businesses that are looking to network, sell and recruit. 

Recent years have seen many more marketers flood to the platform, looking to take advantage of generous algorithms and get in front of their target audience. This is likely due to many advancements in LinkedIn since it was purchased by Microsoft for $26.2 billion in 2016. 

Microsoft has continued to advance LinkedIn functionality during this time and has recently announced a fun, but also potentially lucrative new feature which will be available to those creating updates on the platform. In this article, we will explore how updates work on LinkedIn and what this new feature may mean for businesses. 

LinkedIn Updates: To Date

When you create an update on LinkedIn you are already offered a host of tools which can be used to engage your audience and communicate your message in an effective way. Some of these tools include: 

  • Adding an image 
  • Adding a video 
  • Adding a document 
  • Creating a specific ‘hiring’ update 
  • Creating a specific ‘celebrate an occasion’ update 
  • Creating a poll 
  • Creating a specific ‘find an expert’ update 
  • Creating an event 
  • Creating a specific ‘offer help’ update

These tools make it easy to create great posts on LinkedIn. However, until recently they have lacked a feature that is commonly used on other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram…stickers.

New LinkedIn Stickers

In their latest update, LinkedIn has announced that users will now be able to include link stickers in the posts they create on the platform. This function will help users bring attention to important links, even when the link itself isn’t the main piece of content used in the update. 

For example, you will be able to add a link sticker on top of the images you add to your update. 

Link stickers are only currently available for use by those using the LinkedIn mobile app. However, the link included can be seen and used on both mobile and desktop devices. Unlike on Facebook and Instagram, there is also little in the way of customisation of the visual aspects of the link sticker, with only one (black and white) option being available.

What Does This Update Mean?

The new link sticker is undeniably a cool feature, but is there any real business benefit? 

Ultimately this new sticker will make it much easier to make crucial links apparent in your posts. No longer will essential links be hidden at the bottom of your posts, often only viewable after readers click ‘see more’. With better visualisation comes better awareness and with better awareness comes more clicks.

New LinkedIn Stickers: Summary

It is clear that LinkedIn is invested in helping its users generate more engagement in their content. The new link sticker feature will not only help make updates more interesting and interactive, but it will also help brands drive valuable traffic to their most valuable web pages – whether that be lead generation forms or product pages. 

Plus, those who jump on using this new feature quickly will benefit from intrigue from those who view their content.

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