LinkedIn Content: 4 Stats You Need to Know

LinkedIn Content: 4 Stats You Need to Know

When it comes to marketing your business to professionals, there is no better place to have an active brand presence than on LinkedIn. In fact, the platform offers marketers higher average results in many of the key metrics which matter most to modern business success. In this article, we will explore 4 key stats that tell us a lot about the power of LinkedIn and how brands can harness it. 

The Study 

The study we will be primarily referencing in this article is a collaborative research piece conducted by Socialinsider and Cloud Campaign. The goal of this study was to uncover key insights into the best content on LinkedIn, including the content that returns the best clicks and highest levels of engagement. The results were collected by analysing 141,474 LinkedIn posts from 1,126 LinkedIn pages. Here is what they found…

Native Documents = More Clicks 

Time and time again studies have found that native content does better on practically any social media platform. This can be seen on platforms such as Instagram where carousel images uploaded to the site have drastically increased engagement and click-through rates. 

The same was found on LinkedIn, with native documents producing 3 times more clicks than any other type of content. 

Native documents are actually similar in how you interact with them to Instagram carousels, although they are typically uploaded as a PDF format and can then be explored in-feed by clicking onto the next slide. 

Why does this type of content produce better results? Well, it is likely due to two reasons:

  1. It creates intrigue, encouraging viewers to click through 
  2. Because it is native and encourages users to interact, it is likely that LinkedIn give this type of content a helpful boost 

Video Generates the Highest Engagement

If you are keeping an eye on recent developments in the social media space, it will come as no surprise that video is now considered the gold standard of content for those who want to increase engagement. So much so, that Instagram recently made an announcement that they were no longer considering themselves as a photo-sharing app in favour of bringing more video content to the platform.

So, it isn’t a shock that video generates the highest levels of engagement per impression for small and middle-sized LinkedIn accounts.  

On Platform Video Views Are High 

For most of us, video is the easiest type of content to digest. This is especially true on LinkedIn where professional topics can be a little dry or complicated. Smart video creation can make these potentially hard-to-understand topics considerably easier to digest. 

This is probably why the study found that the video views rate on LinkedIn stands at a high of 15.6%.

Reach More People With LinkedIn 

The final interesting stat that this study found was the overall average reach rate of a LinkedIn page – which came in at around 3.5%. Although this may be considered relatively small when compared to the reach of other platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, when you take into account the specialist nature of LinkedIn, it is clear to see that this can be hugely beneficial to businesses. 

LinkedIn Content: Summary 

These stats show us that content on LinkedIn is following a similar trend to content on other social media platforms. For example, native content tends to perform better across all social platforms, likely due to the platforms favouring this type of content and giving it a boost. Equally, video content is clearly the new favourite for platforms, brands and users alike. 

Use the stats we have highlighted in this guide to help you get the most out of LinkedIn. 

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