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  • 5 Video Tips For SME’s

    When it comes to running a small business, resources such as video marketing can often seem out of reach and costly, particularly if it is not a familiar territory for you to explore. The importance of utilising video within a business over the last two......

  • Checkout with Instagram

    Our dedicated influencer team here at SNS have created a new way for brands to work with high profile influencers. With the technologies of Instagram ever expanding, there should be no surprise that their latest update is going to have savvy shoppers everywhere breathin...

  • Why gifting influencers is crucial to your marketing strategy

    It’s official… Nothing works better than influencer marketing to create brand awareness. Out of 81% of businesses who use influencer content, 51% said that it outperforms brand-created content. Influencer marke

  • WhatsApp for Business: What you need to know

    With the rise in popularity of Facebook Messaging amongst users and businesses, it was only a matter of time before Facebook-owned WhatsApp announced the launch of their own messaging service, WhatsApp Business 

  • What are SNS Escapes?

    Our dedicated influencer team here at SNS have created a new way for brands to work with high profile influencers. We will be taking various influencers away on luxury trips throughout the year, our influencers wil

  • Visual Content Marketing: What you need to know

    Looking to improve your content marketing strategy? Visual content is becoming more and more important, and can often mean the difference between success and failure in a world focused on brand aesthetics and conte

  • The Power of Video Content – Why You Should Invest

    In the current Digital Marketing landscape, Video content should be a key consideration for all brands and businesses, with branded video content performing better than all other types of media on social platforms.

  • The Importance of Positive Content

    COVID-19. A word that has come to associate with it a feeling of dread, fear and a sense of unknowing. But amongst the negativity is a beacon of light for many businesses, and something which should be embraced 

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