Social Media Design Trends 2022

Social Media Design Trends 2022

Social media is all about trends. It’s both where trends are set and where people go to find the latest trends which appeal to them. Brands and influencers that find the latest and most relevant design trends can tap into the buzz surrounding them and leverage the positive emotions that their audiences already feel towards them. 

In this article, we explore some of the most exciting social media design trends for 2022. So, if you are looking for a little design inspiration – read on!


There has been a massive shift in global awareness of the health of our planet and environment. More and more consumers are looking for businesses that align with their values around sustainability and environmental friendliness, such as those that offer natural and ethically sourced products.

So, it is no surprise that the use of natural and organic tones and images are popular in social media design this year. This trend offers designers an opportunity to create calming and peaceful images throughout their feeds.

Try using muted greens and earthy tones in your design and include images of foliage and floral patterns to achieve this ‘natural’ look.

NOTE: Be careful of using this type of design if you are promoting a business that doesn’t offer better than usual environmental credentials as you may be accused of greenwashing – even if done inadvertently. 

Inclusive Imagery 

Along with increased consciousness of environmental challenges, we have also seen a rise in awareness around social issues in recent years. Again, this has played into a design trend that we are likely to see continuing into 2022 and beyond.

Inclusive imagery is becoming more popular in design as a way to show that a business cares and takes action to ensure diversity and equity across its offering. This is why we can come to expect to see greater representation of marginalised groups in social media visuals in 2022. 

NOTE: Just like with the potential to be seen as ‘greenwashing’ excessive use of inclusive imagery, especially with businesses that don’t make considerable efforts to ensure diversity can be considered as ‘virtue signalling’


Minimalism has played a major part in graphic design for many years. This is clear in the use of white space being commonly included across websites and social media graphics. In 2022 we can expect to see a push back against minimalism in an attempt to grab attention via maximalism. 

Maximalism paves the way for designers to use bigger, brighter and bolder colours and images in their social media designs. It also facilities the introduction of layered images and unusual fonts – making for funner, louder and more eye-catching content. 

Use maximalism to shake up your social media feeds and make potentially boring content really pop. 

UI Graphics

UI (User Interface) graphics are becoming an increasingly popular way to catch the attention of audiences and make them think about the messaging that is being communicated. 

The concept is simple. You take an image of a common piece of UI, such as a message notification on an iPhone or a calendar invite and then tailor the content to include your own messaging. This approach can also be used to target specific audiences, such as using retro UI (think WIndows 95 error message) to target an older or nostalgic audience. 

The familiarity of UI graphics alongside thought-provoking messaging can be a great way to make your audience look twice at your social media content. 

90s Nostalgia 

90s nostalgia makes a return in 2022, offering a new social media design trend to follow. 

When designing for this trend think about the styles you found in glossy magazines throughout the 90s and even early 2000s. Add plenty of bright bubblegum colours, tonnes of sparkles, stickers, butterflies and smiley faces.  

Youthful energy should be the goal of these graphics and can be used to tap into positive memories of your audience whilst communicating a key marketing message. 


Good marketing is all about conjuring positive emotions and few things in life bring back the good times like a scrapbook. This design trend has likely grown in popularity given the lockdowns of the last few years and the time it has given people to reflect on what is most important in their lives. 

This trend will involve the use of paper texture backgrounds, stickers/tape and images of people enjoying special moments together. 

Social Media Design Trends: Summary 

There is always a new trend to get familiar with on social media. In this guide, we have offered you some of the biggest design trends we are likely to see starting and growing in 2022. Although all these trends offer some great inspiration for those looking to design compelling new social media content, ultimately it is all about finding the trends that fit with your unique brand image. 

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