The Importance of Positive Content

The Importance of Positive Content

COVID-19. A word that has come to associate with it a feeling of dread, fear and a sense of unknowing. But amongst the negativity is a beacon of light for many businesses, and something which should be embraced – Over 92% of consumers think brands should keep advertising despite the coronavirus outbreak.

As lockdown has taken hold, audiences have been embracing social media like never before, with an unprecedented rise in screen time, a 25% increase in engagement on Instagram and TikTok in the past month and a staggering 72% increase on #ad content by influencers. As a result, the value of social media has risen – With people spending more time online, social platforms are the perfect place for brands to connect with their audiences. There has never been a better time to capitalise on building relationships with your audiences.

Brands need to be showing vulnerability and transparency during unprecedented times like these. Rather than continue business as usual, brands should be looking to pivot and adjust their messages according to the current challenges. Consumers want truth. They want emotion. They want to see you do your part. And most importantly they want positivity. A lot of brands have been doing this tremendously well, so check out our top tips below of how you can get involved!

Use Content that triggers emotions.

Content that triggers positive high arousal emotions, along with headlines that evoke curiosity and awe, is more likely to be shared. A study by Ipsos showed that 61% of people shared interesting things, 43% of people shared funny things and 29% of people shared unique content.

Aesthetics matters, so spend time on it

Establishing a clear visual identity for your brand gives a far better impression on your page by providing a consistent look to your posts and helping brand recognition. Why not try a visual makeover to bring your design and style up to date with what users expect on Instagram with high quality photography and video – this will boost engagement and followers while also creating brand identity with a consistent visual style. Instagram is a heavily visual platform and with 90% of the users being under 35 and over 60% saying they have discovered new products and businesses on the platform it clearly shows the importance of investing in your photography and video content. Just be sure that you are spending as much time getting your content out in front of your audience and influencers as you do actually creating it.

Make your message matter

There are many ways to create socially shareable contagious content, but it all starts with the message. Don’t shy away from talking about things that impact your business and pushing your brand ethos – consumers appreciate honesty and it is perfect for building trust and brand loyalty amongst your potential customers.

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