Visual Content Marketing: What you need to know

Visual Content Marketing: What you need to know

Looking to improve your content marketing strategy? Visual content is becoming more and more important, and can often mean the difference between success and failure in a world focused on brand aesthetics and content.

So why does visual content play such an important role? Well with 65% of the population being visual learners, providing visual content can allow a potential fan or customer to process your message more easily. Couple this with the fact that 90% of information that comes to the brain is visual and the importance of attractive and engaging content becomes apparent.

So what types of visual content should you be using? Check out our top picks to transform your digital marketing strategy for 2020!


An article with an image will get a whopping 94% more engagement than one without. The same applies to shares – add an eye-catching image to your latest articles for every 100 words written and the chances are, you’ll get 2x more shares than without! Your images should be bespoke to your brand – such as lifestyle-based product photography, to create a unique feed. Ensure that they are sized for social media use and good quality – it can make a huge difference!


Posting a video? Then expect to get up to 300% more interest in your content than an image! A firm favourite amongst the digital giants, video often accounts for up to 74% of social traffic across Facebook and Instagram. With TikTok receiving a surge in popularity over the last six months, it really is worth investing the time and energy into a video for your social feeds!


Individuals perform up to 232x better when there is an illustration or infographic involved – the perfect content for promoting instruction! Whilst this is content that is normally associated with more of a corporate approach, it is a great way to provide lots of information about your products and services to your audience in one image!

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