5 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Emily In Paris

5 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Emily In Paris

Last week Emily in Paris Season 2 was released on Netflix. The show is based on the life of Emily, a young marketing executive from Chicago who shifts to Paris because of her work. She was the American representative in the Marketing Department at a newly acquired French marketing firm called Savoir.

Marketing and pop culture have always been the two ends of the same string. Pop culture gives brands many new ideas to implement their marketing strategies and make them even more creative.

Along with several reasons to fall in love with the picturesque Paris, the show also gives several important marketing lessons.

Here are 5 Marketing Tips You Can Gain From Emily In Paris!

1. Your Content Will Lead You To Success

In the series, Emily said, “It is not just about followers, it is about content, trust, interest, and engagements.” While explaining to a first-party client, she describes how she always checks her contents and optimizes them.

Most brands have a social media presence, but the question is how your brand makes itself stand out from the crowd.

Content will always be key in this game. Your content will be your most important asset. Customers begin to form an impression of your brand when they read/see your content. Content is a way of creating effective brand engagement; hence, it’s important that the content is up-to-date and relevant to your audience.

2. Influencer marketing is the way of the future

In this series, influencer marketing has received a lot of attention. Emily appears to be an influencer, too, in the series. She’s seen promoting her client’s brands at various places.

One very important statement that Emily made in this context is – picking followers at random is not good for the brand. They must choose influencers who are familiar with the brand.

3. Your Social Media Is a Must

Social media helps one connect with their current and prospective customers, and increase their brand recognition, sales and leads. Using the right social media channels that are widely used by your customers/prospects is imperative to reach your target audience at an effective pace.

 In the series, Emily is seen always making a point to talk about the brand on social media and use relevant hashtags that help her brand in gaining more awareness and attention among its customers. She uses images from her daily life to build her own as well as her brand’s profile.

4. Get creative and experiment

The show teaches us not to be scared to pitch ideas. Emily inspires us to get creative and think out of the box. Although it always works out for Emily, we may have to be more calculative and careful in real life.
Creative thinking is a key marketing technique. Thinking outside the box might provide you with new perspectives and help you overcome mental barriers. To succeed, you must cut through the clutter and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Emily had a unique way of thinking. An art gallery showing Van Gogh’s The Starry Night gave her the inspiration for the whole campaign. She was never hesitant to speak out in front of her team or other businesses and propose her ideas. Even when she didn’t have anything, her inventive imagination came up with something incredible.

5. Keep users at the centre of your marketing campaigns

“Your perfume is not how you smell, it’s how you feel.”

Throughout the series, the protagonist, Emily, sheds light on the role of user experience, which is the driving factor of a campaign’s success.

Finally, the users’ opinions of your brand, campaigns, and products become the ultimate deciders. Thus, designing marketing campaigns for and about the user is meaningful.

For example, In the series, when Emily is marketing for a firm that sells beds, she installs the brand’s beds across Paris’ most attractive locations. She then leverages social media to invite visitors to “sleep with” Hasten, the brand.

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