The Brief:

SNS were approached by Pots & Co to coordinate an influencer marketing campaign supporting key products during selected seasonal periods. Pots & Co wanted to increase brand awareness and drive footfall into supermarkets such as Waitrose, Tesco & Sainsburys in support of their ‘Milk Chocolate & Sea Salt, Double Dark Chocolate and their Dark Chocolate and Orange ranges’ over the course of Valentine’s Day & Mothers Day.

Working closely with the Pots & Co team we set out some key creative concepts inspiring audiences to consider Pots & Co as their dessert of choice, as well as providing a pool of wonderful content which could be repurposed.

For Valentines Day we collaborated with 12 influencers who each created content in line with our ‘Pots Of Love’ concept. Not only was the content food based in romantic settings but we also drove an emotive response with an additional play on the packaging, highlighting the ‘Made with Love’ poems which could be hand-written on the boxes for that personal touch.

The Results:

In the build-up to Mothers Day, we focused on collaborating with family-based influencers. In total we partnered with 8 influencers, again emphasising the ‘Made with Love’ messaging where they each shared a special dessert with their mum. In addition to this we also then challenged the influencers to up-cycle the glass pots the desserts came in. This gave the campaign a two-pronged approach and produced some super creative content.

The content was then utilised across social media, paid social and other Pots & Co digital channels.

During these 2 key campaigns, we collaborated with more than 20 influencers who had a combined following of more than 380,000. The influencers produced more than 30 pieces of content, which accumulated over 90,000 impressions and 15,000 engagements – an engagement rate of 4%. It also sparked wonderful sentiment.

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