The Ultimate Way for Brands and Agencies to Streamline Workflows

The Ultimate Way for Brands and Agencies to Streamline Workflows

The importance of brand/agency workflow is often overlooked as a crucial part of the ongoing success of both parties. Yet by spending time to improve streamline efficiencies, considerable time, effort and money can be saved in the long term. 

In this article, we explore the ultimate way that brands and agencies can streamline their workflow.

Know the Goals

Being clear on the ultimate goals of collaboration may seem obvious, but it is all too often neglected as an essential part of improving brand/agency workflow. This can be especially true as the brand/agency relationship evolves, as initial conversations around ‘where the brand wants to be’ can be overtaken as work becomes more ad hoc. 

In addition to this, brand goals can develop over time. This can create a disconnect, with agencies and brands both working in slightly different directions due to a mismatch in perceived end destinations. 

This is why it is so important for brands and agencies to consistently communicate and clarify the main goals of the collaboration as time goes on. This can be done through the implementation of regular, scheduled strategy meetings.

Identify Key Contacts

It may come as no surprise that good communication is by far the most important thing when it comes to streamlining workflow. The first step in this is identifying and clarifying the key contacts within each business. 

For example, on the brand side, it should be clear who the main point of contact is, along with any additional decision-makers who will need to be kept in the loop with specific or general matters. On the agency side, the name and the contact details of the account manager should be available to all the main contacts on the brand side. 

Setting up a directory for these key individuals with a clear description of what they should be contacted about will help ensure clarity.

Document Key Processes

Although agencies bring high levels of creativity to the table, they typically find themselves completing several of the same processes repetitively for each of their clients. For example, when a brand works with an agency to produce monthly social media content there will be several of the same steps followed each time, such as: 

  • Brief creation 
  • Brief communication 
  • Clarification questions 
  • Content production 
  • Content delivery
  • Content review 
  • Edits 
  • Approval 
  • Scheduling 

By taking the time to carefully document these processes you benefit in several ways. Firstly, it will ensure that each step is followed every time. This means that steps aren’t missed, which can save considerable time in the long run. 

Detailing common processes also makes it easier to identify areas for improvement and allows for more efficient handovers in the case of illness or when a new individual takes over a key role.

Use Great Communication Tools: Slack

There are a few key reasons why using a great communication tool such as Slack is so important in streamlining workflow between brands and agencies. We cover these in some detail below:

Centralised Communication

Emails, texts, WhatsApp messages, answerphone messages…the way that people can communicate these days is practically endless. But when it comes to streamlining workflow, more options can lead to confusion. 

Using a platform like Slack allows you to centralise all communications between agency and brand team members into one space. As Slack offers advanced communication functionality across all platforms including dedicated desktop and phone applications, there is never a need to use any other type of communication tool. 

When you are able to keep all comms in one centralised location, this ensures that everyone who needs visibility of that information gets it. It also ensures that you only have to search one place for historic info, rather than tirelessly searching across different mediums.

Single Point of Key Information

Earlier in this article, we highlighted the importance of recording key information such as points of contact and key processes. When you use a platform like Slack, this can also be a great space to locate these important documents so everyone can access them whenever they need and wherever they are. 

This approach can also help ensure that everyone has access to the most up-to-date information.

Improved Security

Slack offers users enterprise-grade security features and compliance standards. Having all your communication and information sharing in one space will help both brand and agency ensure that everything is kept secure. 

Plus, using Slack in place of email communications can drastically limit the potential for employees falling for phishing scams.

Leverage Workflow Tools

One of the biggest streamlining benefits of brands and agencies using Slack is the countless integrations it has with other tools. Not only does this help teams to find new and better tools for campaign management, but it also allows them to use all these tools in one space. 
For example, Slack’s integration with Trello allows brands and agencies to add and update cards right from within specific Slack channels.

Streamlining Workflows: Summary

Spending time focusing on streamlining your brand/agency workflow can pay huge dividends. Ultimately, this process will allow you to erradicate potential issues and speed up the rate of work – meaning you can achieve more in less time, as well as save costs.

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